Helping you find your perfect RV

With the complete Australian RV directory spreadsheet

Dreaming of road trips around Australia, exploring the stunning landscapes & being untethered from the rat-race of life?

Are you looking for the perfect caravan or motorhome for your trip, but overwhelmed with all the choices?

We got you!

The Australian RV Directory is a full list of all the caravans, motorhomes & campervans you can buy new in Australia.

The spreadsheet contains columns of all the important features, (like dimensions, weights, berths, bathroom, off-road/hybrid & more) so that you can filter for only the RVs that fit your criteria.

Why you need this spreadsheet

  • See all the motorhomes available new in Australia, all in one place.
  • Filter for the features that are important to you. If you need to sleep 4 people, only show the motorhomes that sleep at least 4. If it needs to be below a certain height, you can filter for that.
  • Get the most up to date information without having to go back and check hundreds of websites

What you'll find inside:

Detailed Specifications

We include total (garage) length, body length, height and width, as well as tare, GVM & ball weight.

Sleeping Capacity

See how many it sleeps and what type of beds (Queen - lengthway or widthway, bunks or convertable beds).

Bathroom Facilities

Full bathroom, combined bathroom, no bathroom or external only bathroom.

Power and Water

Details of the battery size and fixed solar panels, as well as fresh and waste water tank sizes of each R

Kitchen Amenities

Find out whether each model offers an interior and/or exterior kitchen, allowing you to cook your favorite meals wherever you go.

URL and Price

Access direct URLs to each model, making it easy to explore further details and options. Plus, pricing information, where available.

Fans đź’š the spreadsheet

"All of that grunt"

Thanks, Ben & Michelle for doing all of that grunt for your terrific spreadsheet!



Just want to say a big thank you for collecting and collating all this information on one page. Its huge and so very helpful.


"Enormous help"

Thanks for compiling all of this data - enormous help while ’shopping’ and searching.


Do you have a question?

Why do I need a spreadsheet?

You don't NEED a spreadsheet, but if you want to make it easier to find your next caravan or motorhome, you'll WANT this spreadsheet.

Can I use the spreadsheet on my phone or tablet?


The spreadsheet has 33 columns and 2,500 rows which makes it very difficult to navigate on a small screen. You will need a laptop or desktop computer in order to view the spreadsheet.

Can I print out the spreadsheet?

While you’re welcome to print out the spreadsheet… I don’t recommend it. It’s too big to print out with so many columns and rows.

Do I need a Google account?

No. The spreadsheet can be downloaded in either Google or Excel format. So if you don’t have a google account you can just download the excel version.

Can I filter for only Australian made caravans?

Yes, we have a column for Australian made.

Does the spreadsheet include information about ________?

Here is a list of all the columns included in the Australian RV Directory spreadsheet.



Total length (m)

Body length (m)

Travel height (m)

Width (m)

Tare weight (kg)

ATM (kg)

Ball weight (kg)


Main bed dimensions

Fixed bunks

Internal Bathroom

Bathroom Description

Fresh water tank (L)

Grey water tank (L)



Air con

Off road


Roof type

Toy hauler

Tow hitch


Kitchen Type

Washing Machine

No: Axles

Priced from



Australian made

Last checked

We have filled in all the information that we could find about each model; blank fields are where we couldn't find specific information, either on the manufacturers website, the sales brochure or the spec sheet.

Does it include fifth wheels & tear drop campers?

Not yet! But we're working on adding these types of RVs as quickly as possible.

Why is the spreadsheet so cheap?

Buying a caravan or motorhome already costs a bomb!

And then when you add on all the other accessories you’ll need to buy… let alone the costs of going to caravan and camping shows and spending every weekend at dealers… we’ve been there and we’re just trying to be helpful to others like us.

Can I get a refund?

While we don’t have a refund policy, if you’re genuinely unhappy with the spreadsheet just send us an email within 7 days and I’ll be so embarrassed that you’re unhappy (I am, after all, a die-hard people pleaser) that I’ll refund your purchase straight away!

Find your perfect caravan or motorhome, with the

Australian RV Directory